Fujifilm Fujicolor PRO 400H

Fujifilm Fujicolor PRO 400H


Fuji made headlines beginning of 2021 when announcing the discontinuation of the PRO 400H. At the same time, we safeguarded some of the very last rolls for you and put them in the freezer… have fun!

Exp. 04/2023

Copyright sample-photos: Daniela Müntinga (@candeeland_)

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The films offered here usually are remainders from our film subscriptions. Therefore, stock is mostly very limited. Especially expired films might probably never ever return to the store. In this regard we kindly ask you for a responsible handling -like with every limited resource- and to leave some rolls (as hard as it feels sometimes) to other analogue film photographers who might want to try this film as well. Thank you!


Unfortunately, we can’t give any guarantee for a certain quality, particularly with experimental and expired films. However, the short description incl. expiration date above can give a first impression of the film stock. Sometimes, we can even rely on sample images from our community. Many thanks to everyone who supported us here!


Unless otherwise noted, price is for one roll of film.

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